Welcome to Imaginarium Fantastical

I’m back…with a new name and working on the site design. I’m looking forward to a super year of creating greeting cards and calendars, to start. I will also be posting photos from time to time – as in another 365 project, but posting the photos once a week instead of every day. So…

…stay tuned!

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Today I decided to go for a walk at Moorpark College as school was out for the holidays, but when I got there…

This Is It!

Day 365 of 365

I DID IT! The song from My Fair Lady is playing in my head (You Did It). I must admit there were times when I wanted to quit…

In a Blissful Place

Day 364 of 365

Almost there! Way too cold and windy outside to take any pictures today, so here is another one from yesterday…

Pretty on Pink

Day 363 of 365

Did a nice 2.73 mile walk at Moorpark College today; saw lots of bees on flowers, a couple of hummingbirds (1 buzzed me…

I've Got a Light on You

Day 362 of 365

Sometimes when I look at a photo I just know it will come out with a cool result when mirrored; that’s what happened with today’s photo.

Green Surfing

Day 361 of 365

Tiny Planet sure is fun to play with. I used “Rabbit Hole” to produce today’s “wave” from a blade of grass.