…so to speak. First off, I’ve been enjoying a break from blogging. Secondly I found out about a site called Creative Fabrica when I was looking for a font manager. Then I saw the 10 pages of freebies (assets) and found some graphics for this years Christmas and birthday cards. Thirdly (?) I found out about an app called Image2Icon and have been “beautifying” my asset folders; it’s also to help me know what the assets look like in each folder. Fourthly (?) I have been creating my 2020 Journal/Planner/Tracker in Notion (this is a referral link), it has been taking up huge chunks of time. This app has got to be one of THE coolest software to use on your computer/tablet/phone. Check out Marie Poulin’s YouTube channel, she’s supposed to be a Notion guru, she shows how she uses it for her business and personal life planning. Or you can watch Elaine Giles’ MacBites After Hours Episodes 0058 and 0059. (I’ve been following her tutorials on how to set up Notion for this years Journal.) She actually started on Episode 0057 but had technical difficulties; Episode 0058 she did a recap and started from scratch again.

Beautiful Folders thanks to Image2Icon

I remember mentioning last month/year that I was making Christmas cards for my niece’s, and a birthday card for the oldest one who’s birthday is 4 days after Christmas (she turned 18) and that I would share them here on the blog…better late than never, here’s the dual sided card that I made. It had 2 inserts taped inside, one with a Christmas sentiment, and the other with a birthday sentiment. Then sandwiched in between the two inserts was a 3rd item, a money envelope I created with a vintage map that covered the entire outside of the envelope. Everyone in the family was very impressed with my creativity.

Niece Christmas/Birthday card
Niece Christmas/Birthday card
Niece Birthday/Christmas card
Niece Birthday/Christmas card

I have been taking photos pretty much daily, mostly with my iPhone 11 Pro, though on the days when there is wet grass, I use my Fuji XT-3 with the Lensbaby Velvet 56. I know I’m behind on my weekly posting of photos (that I mentioned here on the blog)…my 365 project without stressing about posting every day, but they will be coming soon.

Finally, you may have noticed the name change. I had never heard of the name “Imaginarium” before last year, when I found a digital asset with that name; I really liked it and it stuck. Fantastical followed shortly thereafter, but I honestly don’t remember how the name came together. A lot of times inspiration hits when I’m doing other things and I’m letting my mind wander.

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