I’ve been working hard in the backyard lately, to the point where I’m having some difficulty with my right arm, wrist, and hand…it was time for a day off and a drive up the coast. One of the cars hasn’t been driven for a while, so I drove it up to Carpinteria via the 101, got off at one of the exits, then headed towards the ocean and drove side streets back to the 101 until I could get off the freeway for the drive on the 1. It was a beautiful day and I was ready with my camera, an ND1000 filter and my tripod.

Rincon Beach is usually bumper to bumper with parked RVs, but I found a section where there weren’t any and pulled off the road and into a spot. I tried some shots without using the tripod, and just resting it on a concrete wall, but I wasn’t crazy about how those shots came out. Went back to the car and got the tripod, set it up, readjusted some camera settings (from f/22 @ 40 seconds, down to f/14 @ 10 seconds) and took some more shots. I liked this one the best because of the “pop of orange” coloring in the rocks.

Sunshiny Day
Sunshiny Day

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149 days down, 216 to go!!
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    • Debbie Scott
      It looked like low tide and also the waves were probably in the 2-3 foot range. I think that’s why it doesn’t look that blurred. I can’t wait to go back out and try again when the surf is up…and there’s more rocks closer to the surf.Reply

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