One of the reasons I shoot double exposure flower photography is that I try to get a Lensbaby look, without having a Lensbaby lens. Recently I was on Instagram and saw Kathleen Clemons‘ flower post where she mentioned she was using her Lensbaby mobile  lens…what?? They have a mobile lens? I had to go check it out. I found out they have a mobile kit that comes in a tin; it was more than I wanted to spend. I checked a few days later and it was on sale/clearance for under $30, but it was sold out. No luck on either. Fast forward another day or two and back to the Lensbaby website to find a refurbished kit for $24.95; I wasted no time in ordering it. Today it showed up and I had to play with it, but first I had to download the Lensbaby app. Today’s photo is my 3rd shot with the LM-30 reflective circle lens. I love how small the adapter and lenses are, I can easily fit them into one of my shorts pockets. I look forward to going for a walk tomorrow and playing with both lenses.

Will it Go Round In Circles
Will it Go Round In Circles


  • iPhone SE
  • Lensbaby LM-30 reflective circle lens
  • Lensbaby app


Slight processing in Pixelmator Photo

164 days down, 201 to go!!

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