One is the Loneliest Number

Day 265 of 365

Took the chrysanthemums outside to shoot at sunset with the Lensbaby Velvet 56…I so love the soft dreamy look. Not sure what else to say except one of my cactus buds is going to be blooming tonight (I already have the tripod set up), with 5 more going to be blooming in the next few nights; maybe all 5 will bloom the same night, what a sight that will be!

One is the Loneliest Number
One is the Loneliest Number

Photo Info

  • Fujifilm XT-3
  • Lensbaby Velvet 56
  • Focal Length: 56mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Aperture: f/2 +/-
  • Shutter Speed: 1/52
  • Exposure Compensation: +0.7EV

Post Processing Info

RAW photo was post processed in Luminar 3

265 days down, 100 to go!!

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