The other day I mentioned a couple of favorite iOS apps that Kathleen Clemons likes to use; the third app that she uses is different than the way the developers created the app…she uses it to create multiple exposures, and that’s what I did today. The name of the app is Average Camera Pro and in the settings I set “number of pictures” to 4, “Shooting interval” to 5 seconds, and “Pre-start timer” to 2 seconds. Outside of that there is not any kind of information on how to use the app, so you have to play around to figure it out. After tapping on your subject and getting it in focus, tap the camera icon, and you will see a countdown before the first photo is taken. You will then see numbers on the 4 corners of the screen; they let you know how many photos you have taken in the series. There will also be a countdown timer in the lower right hand corner (I’ve only seen it show Est. 0:00). Before saving the photo you might want to play with the “db” slider.

Fractured Flower
Fractured Flower

Photo Info

Post Processing Info

Gave photo a painterly look in Brushstroke app
added frame in Formulas app

320 days down, 45 to go!!

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