The store in this photo is for skateboarders, not only do they sell the boards there, there is also a place inside where they can play/ride/whatever they call it. Since the ones out my way seem to listen to punk music, or some sort of edgy music, I decided to process it with a grunge look. What attracted me to the scene was the colorful text on two windows and the reflection in the table.

Skateboarders Paradise
Skateboarders Paradise

Photo Info

  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • Stock camera app
  • Focal Length: 4.25mm
  • ISO: 32
  • Aperture: f/1/8
  • Shutter Speed: 1/2105
  • Exposure Compensation: 0.0EV

Post Processing Info

JPG photo was processed in Snapseed then styled in Formulas on my iPad Pro.

323 days down, 42 to go!!