Well, this year isn’t starting out exactly as planned! Since my last post:
(1) The microwave went out in the middle of heating Eggplant Parmesan (had to get a new one)
(2) We were without electricity for around 40 hours during a fierce windstorm (did a minor digital detox during, then had to empty/throw away all the food in the fridge and clean it out after power was restored)
(3) The washing machine died last week and I’ve been having to do research and, finally, purchased a washer and dryer (our last pair were bought on the same day, so the dryer could be on its way out too – they were 15-20 years old)

On the positive side:
(1) I managed to create 2 digital mixed media tags
(2) Created more “digital stencils”
(3) Finally finished the digital planner I was working on (after several retakes) – I’ve cut it down to monthly planners as the file was huge!
(4) I’m alive!!!
(5) The Iceland Poppies are still blooming (despite getting the 5h*t kicked out of them during the wind storm)

Tag 1 - Where Will You Fly
Tag 2 - Fly Higher

4 of the new digital stencils I created, minus the new ones I made after taking this screenshot.

Digital Stencils

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  1. MNL

    Love the whimsey in this set

    • Debbie Scott

      I had a really fun time doing this project for my niece. I made him a hiking outfit complete with hiking boots, and took him everywhere. It surprised me how many people recognized him. I took over 100 photos of his adventures over the 4 days I had him.

      • MNL

        That’s pretty awesome. I bet she thought it was awesome.

        • Debbie Scott

          I’m not sure, she has a bit of Down’s syndrome. Her mom really liked the outfit I made, but my niece never said anything about it. As far as I know she only saw the pictures on her moms phone, but when she and her mom came out for a visit I showed them to her on my 12.9” tablet, that’s when she really got into seeing his adventures and was smiling.

          • MNL

            Could be a phone image is too small for her. The tablet is about the size about a book and easier to see. It’s cool that she enjoyed the images. there’s a huge variety of mental age in Down’s so it depends on what age her mind has developed to. As development is slower, she’ll probably enjoy the adventures for a lot longer than most kids. I didn’t see the images on your instagram. Why not share it there too? a lot of adults enjoy that kind of whimsical humor too.

          • Debbie Scott

            My sister and brother-in-law were just told that her mind is at about 4 (she’ll be 12 in July). This little one has been through quite a bit in her short life – open heart surgery at 6 months old and then in a hospital for I don’t remember how many months with leukemia. I think she was 4 when that happened. She definitely lights up a room with her presence and is very loving to everyone.

          • MNL

            Being loving and open is the special gift of a lot of Down syndrome kids.

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