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Beginners or anyone who is interested in how I created these images from an Amaryllis photo.

Mirrored Amaryllis 1
Mirrored Amaryllis 2
Mirrored Amaryllis 3
Mirrored Amaryllis 4
Mirrored Amaryllis 5

What You’ll Need:

This post is similar to Using Painterly Textures in that it starts with the photo in Step 2 in that post. I created the painterly look in Topaz Studio, then airdropped the photo to my iPad Pro. Your first step is selecting your photo and creating a painterly look, or processing it in your favorite image processing software. Either on your computer, or on your iOS device.

02 -Amaryllis After RAW Processing
Painterly Look to Start

Step 1

The first app I started in was Mirrored app. After loading your photo, you can choose the mirror from 8 different positions. I came up with 5 different looks as you can see below. I tried all 8 positions, then played around with fine tuning the final design by repositioning the “box” below the main image.

Amaryllis in Mirrored App
Amaryllis Mirrored 3
Amaryllis Mirrored 1
Amaryllis Mirrored 4
Amaryllis Mirrored 2
Amaryllis Mirrored 5

Step 2

I then moved on to Spektrel Art app. Starting with the first image, I went through the included presets until I found a look I liked. I then tweaked some settings to create my own preset.

Amaryllis Spektrel Art
Amaryllis Spektrel Art 1
Amaryllis Spektrel Art 3
Amaryllis Spektrel Art 2
Amaryllis Spektrel Art 4

I also have Tangled FX, which adds light or dark webbed light to your photo, but I like Spektrel Art’s UI better. Another plus, Spektrel Art was updated 1 month ago for iOS 11 while Tangled FX hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

UPDATE 12-21-2018: Tangled FX was updated 3 months ago

Step 3

The last app I used was BeCasso. I first selected Artistic and went through all of the paint styles. I chose Oil 5, then adjusted the settings.

Amaryllis BeCasso - Oil 1
Amaryllis BeCasso - Oil 2
Amaryllis BeCasso - Oil 3
Amaryllis BeCasso - Oil 4
Amaryllis BeCasso - Oil 5

Step 4

I then went into Styles, went through all of the presets and played with their settings before selecting Feathers and changing the settings.

Amaryllis BeCasso - Feathers 1
Amaryllis BeCasso - Feathers 2
Amaryllis BeCasso - Feathers 3
Amaryllis BeCasso - Feathers 4
Amaryllis BeCasso - Feathers 5

Step 5

Clicked on Colors and went through all of the presets before choosing Ada. I didn’t change the setting.

Amaryllis BeCasso - Colors 1

Step 6

Final step was selecting Surfaces>Rough Paper. I adjusted both settings.

Amaryllis BeCasso - Surface1
Amaryllis BeCasso - Surface 2
Amaryllis BeCasso - Surface 3

You don’t have to follow every step I used. So don’t be afraid to play around to see what kind of look/effects you can get. Have any questions? Ask below. Want to share your creation? Link back to this post.

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