What a day! Due to a fire that started in Simi Valley early this morning, and the high winds, it was rapidly descending on Moorpark. At least we had a warning. I had time to pack a bag for myself, my partner, our dog, and paperwork that would be needed if the house should burn down. I even went on the desktop computer and backed up important files to a thumb drive. As items popped into my head of what might be needed, I’d grab them and toss them into the respective suitcase.

Waited the rest of the day, watching the mandatory evacuation area move closer, but we never had to evacuate…and all evacuations have been lifted for our city. Now if only the winds will die down even more so the firemen can get a better handle on the fire still burning. So no photo today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post 2 photos for days 303 and 304.