I’m only 3 days late getting around to posting my entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge. On Sunday I was out taking pictures…keeping an eye out for the topic embrace. I found 2.

The first is of a flower/plant embracing a tree. You can almost see it standing on its tippy toes  and reaching across to the bottom of the tree trunk.

Sunday Stills: Embrace 1
Sunday Stills: Embrace 1

The second photo is of a statue. I’ve always thought that the couple was embracing, but when I was taking the photo it looked more like the one on the left/in front was begging.

Sunday Stills: Embrace 2
Sunday Stills: Embrace 2

This is my submission for Terri’s Sunday Stills Photography Challenge.

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    • Debbie Scott
      I was glad both subjects were on the same property and I didn’t have to go far…just had to keep my eyes “peeled”. 🙂Reply

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