Thanksgiving Special

Here, in the US, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Since I’m planning on changing web hosting companies within the next 5 days or so I won’t have time for a regular Weekend Freebie. I wanted to give you, my readers/followers, something special as a gift of my gratitude.

From today through November 30th you can download the low resolution version of Painterly Textures for free. That’s 20 textures at 1200 x 1600 pixels  in one .zip file. Just click on the download button below, then, on the page

  • click on the green Buy Now button
  • on the next screen click on “Have a discount code?” and enter TDAY2018.
  • enter your name, email address, and select your country before clicking on the Get It Now button.


Painterly Textures -Info Sheet
Painterly Textures
Created Using Textures 8, 15, and 19
Painterly Textures - 20 Textures
20 Different Color Tones
Created Using Textures 9, 13, and 15

The Painterly Texture set features 20 various tones that can be used in your digital playground. This was my first attempt to create a texture on my iPad Pro without starting with a photo. I was looking to create something with bold colors and a paintbrush look. With the texture to my liking, I set out to change the tone. I ended up with over 23 variations, but pared it down to 20. Each texture is 1200 x 1600 pixels in PNG-24 format.

Use these textures as a background for your photos or digital art, or as overlays to add more color to your subject. The only limit is your imagination, but some ¬†ideas are landscapes, macro or close-ups, animals, or even scrapbook pages. Don’t limit yourself to using just 1 texture with your photo, use more than 1 and mask in different colors. I have a blog post that shows how I created the Amaryllis image using 3 of the textures.

Download is 1 zip file (198 MB) for the low-res textures.

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