Beginners or anyone who is interested in how I used three Painterly Textures with my photo


Imaging software

Earlier this year my hiking friend and I were out walking around Moorpark College taking photos of flowers…or whatever caught our eyes. I loved the pretty pink Amaryllis we came across. I took photos from several different angles and thought I’d try using this photo with my new textures. Follow along as I show you how I created this painterly look.

Step 1

Find an image you want to use, if you have RAW photos, start with that, otherwise you can use .PNG, .TIF, or .JPG.

01 - Original RAW Amaryllis Photo
02 -Amaryllis After RAW Processing

Step 2

Process your photo with your favorite imaging software. Here I used Topaz Studio to create a painterly feel.

Step 3

Mask out the background using any of the programs above.

Since I have a 9.7″ iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, my choice for this is using Affinity Photo for iPad. I started by opening the texture first, then placing the flower photo on a separate layer. I also made the layer a little larger and moved the flower stalk to the right.

03 - Amaryllis Masked Out Background
04 - Amaryllis Blending 2 Textures

Step 4

While I liked the look, the “pink” was just too much. I placed texture 8 on a new layer above and clicked on the mask icon. Using a low flow along with a light grey color, I revealed some of the pink from the layer below.

Step 5

I added a Bilateral Blur to the texture layers.

05 - Amaryllis Blurring Textures
06 - Amaryllis Adding 3rd Texture

Step 6

To give the image a cohesiveness, I placed texture 15 at the top of the layer stack. I changed the mode to “Multiply” and the opacity to 50%.

Here is a screenshot of the layers and their masks.

08 - Amaryllis Layers Screenshot
07 - Amaryllis Final Photo

Step 7

While still on my iPad Pro, I took the saved image into JixiPix’s app Impresso to create the final look.

I hope that this tutorial gives you the confidence to try using textures with your photos. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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  1. MNL
    the painterly image is cool. I really like how you made the strokes go in different directions — made it look more realReply
    • Debbie Scott
      I love my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, without those I wouldn’t have been able to create that textured look as I was literally just flicking the pencil back and forth in the different directions.Reply


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