2020 - 365 Project

Week 1 of 365 Project 2020

I’m finally getting around to posting the weekly photos for this years 365 Project. Since I basically spent New Years Day with family I only took 1 photo of non-family members. My dad made a nut loaf and creatively decorated the top with pieces of nuts that spelled out “Happy New Year”.

On Thursday we were given a stunning sunset. So much so, that our neighbor behind us was up high enough in her yard (sitting or standing on something) that she was taking photos and texting them out to friends!

Friday I decided to take a walk near a local golf course. My plan had been to walk at Moorpark College, but there were too many teachers there getting ready for the new semester. I only had on street shoes when I decided to go walk on a trail that runs along a golf course, but across the (entrance/exit) road. I decided to play with Slow Shutter Cam that walk.

Saturday was here and almost gone, so I had to scramble to find something to photograph. I decided on a 1 quart measuring container.

So there you have my first week of 2020 in pictures. Thanks for visiting!

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