The first part of this week went pretty smoothly, the last half…not so lucky. There was one highlight to the second half of the week, my Rokinon 100mm macro lens showed up. Will be doing some testing with it tomorrow on my walk; haven’t quite decided where the walk will be, but there will be flowers!!

On Sunday I went for another 2+ mile walk around Moorpark College. I did more stair climbing than I usually do there. What really made me happy though, all the flowers in bloom…especially the Calla Lilies.

Monday I reversed my schedule, I went to pick up some green bones for the Boy and then stopped at a neighborhood park before heading to Wildwood Park. The neighborhood park had lots of new plants in bloom including Lupine’s and yellow flowers. I was so happy I didn’t have to go hiking at Happy Camp to try and find/photograph the Lupine’s. After about a quarter to half mile hike at Wildwood Park, I picked up lunch, ate, then did the house cleaning.

Tuesday was voting day. I took a walk through our local park on the way to our polling place to return my mail in ballot. I liked the shadow the tree was casting on the freshly mowed grass.

Wednesday found me back at Costco to pick up some pants. I stopped to admire the flowers again, take some photos of the roses, and I treated myself to a bunch of colorful tulips that hadn’t opened up yet.

Thursday was street sweeping day. I moved the RV then went for a walk…actually, I ended up doing 2 walks for over 3.5 miles. It feels good to be able to walk again without pain; I haven’t mentioned what I found to help my body heal – I found a Meridian Pen on amazon and use it 2-3 times a day depending on what part of my leg/ankle/foot is bothering me. Today’s photo is some sort of fruit or nut that falls from the above trees in the park.

Had to go back to Costco on Friday to return/exchange 3 pairs of pants. I usually try to be there for when they open, got there about an hour after they opened and holy moly!! What a difference an hour makes. Luckily there was no return line…not so lucky when I went to check out. Treated myself to some Thai food for lunch and found today’s photo, in of all places, the bathroom. 🙂

Today, Saturday, my dad came out and we spent some quality time together…eating lunch, then going for a walk. Before he got here though, I took part of my tulips outside, went back inside for my Fuji XT-3 camera, then took some photos – playing around with the Rokinon 100mm macro lens. After transferring some of the photos to my phone (from the camera), I used the iPad to Post Process 4 of them.

And there you have it, 10 weeks down and thanks for visiting!