Cuts Like a Knife
2020 - 365 Project

Week 20 of 365 Project 2020

This week is all about items you might find around the house. Photo processing was done using either Mextures or Distressed FX on my iPad Pro. If I liked more than one result, I used Juxtaposer to blend the 2 images together. With that said, on with my week…


After sending my mom her Mother’s Day card/video, (you can see a screenshot of the card here.) I got started on my Aunt’s Birthday card. I felt like I was spinning my wheels for a bit, trying to find digital papers to go together, but once I got that sorted out…I was on my way. I finally closed down the laptop after 8pm, once I had finished exporting png’s of the different objects to be assembled in Keynote the following morning.

Cuts Like a Knife


Assembled my Aunt’s Birthday card in Keynote and animated the different pieces – you can see the screenshot here. Once I was finished, I texted my cousin to ask for her mom’s email address so I knew where to send the video. Then I texted an animated gif Birthday greeting to my Aunt and told her to check her email. The rest of the day (3+ hours) was mostly spent (virtually) holding my mom’s hand and walking her through filling in a PDF form. Tomorrow I have to make a birthday card for my Brother-in-Law so it’s ready to email on Wednesday. Oh, and yes I went out to pick up my weekly Ma Po Tofu.

Green Acres


Went for a walk, picked up more salads for 2 dinners, and stopped in Carl’s Jr. for my partner – I even picked up a hamburger patty for our dog. Worked on a birthday card for my Brother-in-law.

Beat It


I finished my Brother-in-Law’s birthday card (video) and emailed it to him (view screenshot here). I was stumped as to how to “fold back” the sides of the card in Keynote, ended up doing a rotate and move…pivoting off the upper corners. Got into a discussion with some of my fellow MacBiter’s and was reminded of Magic Move. Now I just need to figure out the look for the side flaps (when they are standing vertically).
Noticed a hummingbird disappearing into one area of the trumpet vines and a short time later darting back out. Went to look in the area for a nest, without touching anything, and got “buzzed”.
The fortnight lily is about to explode with flowers, but something has been eating the white part down to the purple. I went looking for grasshoppers today in the stalks/leaves, but didn’t see any.

Measure Up


Met up with my dad at the store today as I had some items I needed to give him. We bought ourselves something to eat and then had a picnic lunch, sitting at opposite ends and sides of a picnic table.

Don't Touch This


Took the RV for a short drive and put more gas in it, didn’t seem to have the vapor lock problem, yay! Other than that, I laid low doing things around the house until MacBites After Hours was on at 1 p.m. Some time after 9pm I realized I hadn’t taken today’s photo. Went out to the kitchen, in the dark, and took a photo of the lights on my water cooler.

Shine a Light

Saturday (today)

I laid low today. Took the photo earlier in the day and, afterwards, started getting Notion ready for the rest of the month and filtering for the coming week.

Every Which Way

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.

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