This week is all about shadows, for the most part. Photo processing was done using Distressed FX with the same two lights/textures on my iPad Pro. We had some unexpected rain on Monday morning, along with my amaryllis about to give birth, and the opening on Friday…so that is the exception to the shadows. With that said, on with my week…


I went for a much needed walk at Moorpark College, I did over 2 miles and went up and down many stairs. It sure felt good to be moving and sweating…and taking photos of flowers with my Fuji/Rokinon macro lens combo. Afterwards I did a Costco run, got my water bottles filled up, and picked up some yummy Thai food for a late lunch.

Stained Shadows


I spent the day cleaning, well…half a day at least. Went to pick up my weekly dose of Ma Po Tofu and some Steamed fish in black bean sauce for my partner. Played around on my computer in the afternoon – working on “vectorizing” my Memoji in Affinity Designer.

Bustin' Loose


Spent a good part of the morning, into the early afternoon pulling weeds in the front yard (closed both my exercise [30 min.] and move [520 calories] rings for the day). Eventually I’ll be planting flowers there. Spent the rest of the day paying bills and continuing work on “vectorizing” my Memoji.

Tuesday Afternoon


Spent the day pretty much outside, soaking up some natural Vitamin D, weed whacking the front and back yards, trimming the tree in front, and pulling weeds in the corner. I got a 200% award on my Apple Watch for my Move ring.

Hitching a Ride


The mask I ordered from an Etsy seller in Hawaii finally showed up today, it was 2 days late, but not in enough time for me to wash it and it to dry before I met up with my dad to give him some toilet paper that I picked up for him. It was another beautiful day for a picnic lunch at opposite sides and ends of a picnic table.

Watch Your Step


Laid low, still trying to recuperate from overdoing it on Wednesday. Started working on more templates for digital greeting cards based on real world card folds.

She Sells Sea Shells

Saturday (today)

I laid low today. Muscles are still sore, but bearable. Pollen is starting to pop out in the 2 open Amaryllis flowers.

Bustin' Loose II

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.