This week is all about shadows that were post-processed in Photoshop Camera. Been trying to stay cool this week as its been way too hot, I’ve been inside finishing up creating my sisters birthday card; all that’s left is to export the pieces then animate it…WOOHOO!! With that said, on with the photos…


Some of the fortnight lilies in bloom.

The Last Stand


Onion “flower” and planter.

Wag the Dog


Finishing the last drop of a bottle of Green Tea (ice tea).

Good to the Last Drop


Stripes from the overhead boards that cover a walkway.



Me having a bit of fun with the water pump, and no, I didn’t dare turn it.

Pump it Up


Out for a walk to get lunch. I don’t normally wear hats, but it was too hot not to have one on to save my brain, and body, from a heat stroke.

Welcome to the Jungle

Saturday (today)

Way too hot to do anything today, its even over 80 degrees in the house, I’m sitting under a ceiling fan. I’m glad I took this selfie the other day so that I could round out this week.

Strike a Pose

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.