This week is all about creative photos using a variety of iPhone camera apps after watching Kathleen Clemons on Creative Live – I had purchased one of her classes a couple of years ago and hadn’t watched it in almost as long. It has been another week of trying to stay cool in this oppressive heat. I finished my sisters birthday card (for 8/25) and am now starting work on my other sisters birthday card (9/12). With that said, on with the photos…


Yellow lantana head flowers taken with Average Camera app (4 shots).

Not a Mixed Salad


Possibly milkweed growing in the backyard. Taken with the stock camera app and processed in Photoshop camera app.

New and Old


Another (possible) milkweed. Double exposure, first photo taken with stock camera app, second photo taken with slow shutter app. Combined in Juxtaposer app then processed in Photoshop camera app.

Rain Down on Me


Bird of Paradise taken with Average Camera app (4 shots).

Twist and Shout


Monstrose cactus flowers are blooming again. Photo taken with Soratama lens app.

Teach Your Children


Monstrose cactus flower taken with Harris Camera app.

Kaleidoscope Eyes


Red rose taken with Tiny Planets app

Belly Buttons (Innies and Outies)

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.