This week is all about processing the photo below in 7 8 different iOS apps. I came across a beautiful gardenia outside of the gym near my house. I used the following apps to process the photo on my iPad Pro: Photoshop Camera, Distressed FX, Impresso, Flexture & Photo Formation, Brushstroke, Moku Hanga, and Spektrel Art. With that said, on with the photos…

Original photo used in Week 44


You're So Vein

Processed in Photoshop Camera


Ancient Times

Processed in Distressed FX


Oh My, Georgia

Processed in Impresso


Flower Meditation

Processed in Flexture and Photo Formation


Forever in Blue Jeans

Processed in Brushstroke


Rough Enough

Processed in Moku Hanga

Saturday (today)

Light My Fire

Processed in Spektrel Art

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.