This week is all about a study of Birds of Paradise. First, a side note. Moorpark College has blocked off all of their parking lots, so I haven’t been able to go for photo walks there…which is making it harder to come up with new subject matter – I’m excited that this year is winding down, and that I will have 2 years of 365 Projects under my belt…so to speak. I decided to use only 1 plant as my “model” for this week, but I took the photos from about 5 different plants and from different angles. I used the newest Photoshop Camera lens/filter to process all of the photos – Monochrome 4 of 6. I then used Affinity Photo to remove the extraneous distractions, leaving only the subject – texture, shapes, and/or light. With that said, on with the photos…


When You Wish Upon a Star


"X" Marks the Spot


Up, Up, and Away


Ground Control


Rabbit Ears


Shine a Light

Saturday (today)

3 Strikes You're Out

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.

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