This week started out being about dandelion seed heads, but then I couldn’t find any more. On Wednesday I met up with my dad for some shopping and a picnic lunch – that’s where I found the social garlic. Thursday came and there was a fortnight lily – I took the photo at night. While walking around the shopping center visiting 3 of the stores, I came across a praying mantis walking on the sidewalk…got down on the ground and took the shot. Thursday’s fortnight lily was still open and I took the shot looking up into the sky. With all that said, on with the photos…


Stand Tall

Processed in Photoshop Camera


Blowing in the Wind

Processed in Photoshop Camera


It's Electrifying!

Processed in Brushstroke


Touchy Feely

Processed in Pixelmator Photo


Mix it Up

Processed in Fragment app


Come Out and Plaaay!

Created in Flextures, Humans, and Pixelmator Photo

Saturday (today)

Flying High

Created in DistressedFX

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.

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