Well, this year isn’t starting out exactly as planned! Since my last post:
(1) The microwave went out in the middle of heating Eggplant Parmesan (had to get a new one)
(2) We were without electricity for around 40 hours during a fierce windstorm (did a minor digital detox during, then had to empty/throw away all the food in the fridge and clean it out after power was restored)
(3) The washing machine died last week and I’ve been having to do research and, finally, purchased a washer and dryer (our last pair were bought on the same day, so the dryer could be on its way out too – they were 15-20 years old)

On the positive side:
(1) I managed to create 2 digital mixed media tags
(2) Created more “digital stencils”
(3) Finally finished the digital planner I was working on (after several retakes) – I’ve cut it down to monthly planners as the file was huge!
(4) I’m alive!!!
(5) The Iceland Poppies are still blooming (despite getting the 5h*t kicked out of them during the wind storm)

Tag 1 - Where Will You Fly
Tag 2 - Fly Higher

4 of the new digital stencils I created, minus the new ones I made after taking this screenshot.

Digital Stencils

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    • Debbie Scott

      Thank you, Jim

  1. MNL

    These are really cool! I love the Point Lobos rocks. those colors and swirls are amazing

    • Debbie Scott

      If you ever make it back to California, Point Lobos is just south of Carmel and well worth a few days scouring the reserve. Nature is truly an artist there, as you noticed with the rocks I showed.

      • MNL

        I’ve been there once but don’t remember what I saw — seals or a lighthouse? or maybe I drove past. For some reason I see the sign in my head but I’m not pulling up anything else from the memory banks

  2. Aixa

    These are all out of this world ? Otherworldly Tree is eery and amazing!

    • Debbie Scott

      Thank you, Aixa. I was catching up on your posts that I hadn’t seen, in search of your reply on how you get an Instagram post to show up in your blog post.

      • Aixa

        To embed an Instagram post:

        Go to http://www.instagram.com/yourAccount (you have to do it in a Web browser)
        Click on the photo you want to embed
        At the bottom-right of the picture ‘card’ you’ll se three dots. Click on those…
        Select ‘embed’ and click ‘select embed code’
        Paste it into your blog on the HTML tab

        • Debbie Scott

          Thank you so much!


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