I know I’ve been quiet since December 31st but I’ve been enjoying my time offline working on my digital planner. My first version was being created in Affinity Publisher, but since I didn’t finish it in time I decided to do a 7-day trial of Zinnia Journal. While there were some aspects of the app that I did like, as far as creating a digital planner, there were features I didn’t like…like not being able to re-scale a block on only 1 side. So now I’m back in Affinity Publisher with a new layout for month, week, and day journaling.

Iceland Poppies 1
Iceland Poppies 2

Since the beginning of the year I picked up 2 potted Iceland Poppies from Home Depot. I’m amazed at the different colors that are opening from a single plant. I thought I would only be getting orange flowers from one and yellow flowers from the other…but that hasn’t been the case! I’ve been enjoying taking photos of them pretty much every day but I’m showing only 9 of them. All of the photos were taken with my iPhone 11 Pro and processed in Photoshop Camera using the Neon Pulse Lens 2 of 3.

Recently I started playing with Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro and have come up with this years project…digital art journaling – it’s a lot less messy than its analog version and I have quite the collection of digital assets. I will also be throwing together some tutorials on how to create a digital art journal/page using the iPad version of Affinity Photo, and possibly the slight difference of the desktop version. At the end of each month I might do a video flip through, with some projects having animated items…so stay tuned!

Talk Is Cheap

“Talk is Cheap” is my first “page” for the month/project since I’m getting a late start. I’m not sure how often I will post, but my plan is for a minimum of 2x a week, hopefully more.

Thank you very much for visiting.  Stay safe and healthy.


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